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Drug Company Sues Scientist for Violating Non-Disclosure Contract

In 2001, Travis Mickle joined Lotus Biochemical as a senior research scientist. He signed an employment contract that contained a non-disclosure provision, which stated:

All Discoveries are the exclusive property of the Company, and Employee will promptly and fully disclose them to the Company. As used herein, the term “Discoveries” means all discoveries, inventions, improvements, processes, ideas and names in any . . .

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What Happens to a Non-Compete After a Merger?

Many employees wonder, “If I sign a non-compete contract with a company, and later, the company is purchased by a different company, is my non-compete null and void?”

Maybe. It depends on the terms of the employment contract if a non-compete survives the merger.

The answer can be found in the contract itself. Look for an assignment clause. Is there any language explicitly assigning . . .

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