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Fairfax Court Considers Non-Compete Case Against Web Developers

If you work in Northern Virginia as a web developer, software engineer, or other professional with a technology company, your work is in high demand.

However, there’s a good chance that you have a non-compete that limits your mobility. That’s why it’s important before you make the switch to a new employer to consider whether a court will enforce your non-compete. A non-compete lawyer . . .

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Court: Injunction Denied in Statewide Non-Compete

Case: Wings, LLC v. Capitol Leather, LLC, Case No. CL-2014-9 (Fairfax March 6, 2014)

Wings, LLC, a company in Gainesville, Virginia, provides vinyl, fabric, and leather repair services. Most of their customers are auto dealerships and collision center who hire Wings to repair car interiors.

Wings employed technicians to service customers in defined geographic territories. Wings has customers in the metropolitan Washington, D.C., area, . . .

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Virginia Government Contractor Enforces Non-Compete Contract

In Virginia, non-compete contracts are common among government contractors. There are a couple of reasons:

No contractor wants to invest time and resources to win a bid, only to lose key personnel to a competitor.
Government contracts involve trade secrets. Non-compete clauses protect the company’s proprietary information.

Given their importance, it was not surprising to see the Supreme Court of Virginia enforce a contractor’s non-compete clause . . .

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